Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maybe my brain isn't completely f-ked up.........

(This blogspot blog is being created while I wait for godaddy to do its thing so Zinngle can be developed through Wordpress.)

So, my colleague Mary suggested this morning that we target our tentatively, newly-christened blog, Zinngle to those of us who are looking for ways to be creative and stay that way, as much as real life permits. I was thinking about brains and how we've learned that the left and right spheres express themselves differently. I wondered how a handy diagram might explain, in simple terms, what we're dealing with here when we think about the creative mind versus the analytical mind.

As noted in the illustration above, there are clearly the two sections denoting analysis versus expression. What I sort of liked is how curiosity is on the side of analytical thinking and the sensuous aspects of experience are on the side of expression. I've never seen a brain chart like this! It makes everything seem so understandable and sensible (left brain at work here.....)

When we're in a creative moment, time is suspended and we don't really think logically, do we? Maybe an idea comes in from left field without expectation. Maybe, (as is the case for me) while being engaged in a common task like showering, what seem like crazy ideas flow into mind as easily as the water falls from the shower head.

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