Monday, April 2, 2012

Who's really being creative here?

I teach painting (you know, the old-fashioned way with a brush and colored, mushy stuff that comes out of a tube) and went to Staples yesterday to get copies made of photos I use as reference material for subject matter. While I stood there waiting to be waited on, I saw this picture/canvas called "Easy Canvas Prints" for only $29.99 propped up on a metal easel too far away for me to read the fine print (turns out the reg. price was $39.99.)
The clerk noticed that I was craning over the counter and asked if I wanted to see it more closely. So, here he is (or, here's his hand) posing while I took a shot of this. It's so easy now for anyone to have a not-so-interesting photo of anything made into a "painting" because it can be printed on a simulated canvas surface. Not too creative if you ask me. But, a brilliant move on the part of the person who came up with the idea....why the hell not? We can all be artists if we can use a digital camera and get to Staples.

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